Saturday 12 June 2010

Ⴅ unexpected evening

right on my doorstep is the
once the stuff of watercolours and oils of
estuary views, but over the years it's evolved into
a show open to artists and art of all media:  
the town is abuzz with events all week:

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last night I saw some works by 
she takes the discarded and changes it into something new:
her 'sewn' slate pieces defy logic:
she told me she was obsessed with zips lately:
fascination with fastenings:
reformed objects layered with tales:
wood, stitching, wallpaper and text:

a wander downstairs ⎎ different show 
cliffhanger @ synchro studios:
not on the art trail, a discovery:
nobody seemed sure what was art and what was not:
what is that? what does it feel like?
can we listen?  what does it say?
tv screens with rotating images:
electronic sounds over the chatting of guests:
a rumour that the previous owner, had hung himself right here:  
suspended: suspension:
cobwebs remain known: the artist unknown:
small step:  shallow depth of field:
fixing the holes where the rain gets in?
this artist I guessed:
not from ☝ drawn straight onto flaking paint:
but a shelf of spoons:
raw female darkness from heidi wigmore :
dipped in milky white paint:
with pencilled ladies, identities blocked:
and this ☝ my favourite of dress & drum:

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