Monday 21 June 2010

⚡⚡ fire me up

yesterday I wandered to the Old Town :
I lucked on a workshop organised by
Lola Swain and Kelly Foreman ~
raku japanese open firing:
no guns, just glaze:
pick a pot, already formed and fired:
a choice of glazes and tools to try:
Kelly tells me what each glaze will do
after firing:  
with her guidance she realises my idea:
possibility, shade, technique:
mine has turquoise:
kilns waiting to be filled:
happy shoppers all:
carefully placed inside by Kelly:
then fired up:
we wait:
we anticipate:
Madelaine glazes a bonsai pot
brought along by a lady who shows me 
photos of beautiful ferns and 
bonsai in bloom:
a cup of tea and a shared memory of being taught 
to tie her shoelaces by her father:

the pieces are taken from the kiln and
sunk into sawdust:
*I missed this exciting part as I had to meet Libbie at home:
you can see it here ☛ getfiredup
most of the pieces were hidden under the sawdust:
mine peeped through as I wanted the lower
part of my glaze to be different from the top:
like a lucky dip, Kelly pulled the pieces out:
Richard cleaned up the burrs:
may I present a beautiful cup:
crackled and blue and mine:
a pleasurable afternoon:


  1. I love this technique, I watched a demonstration years ago by a very talented sculptor.
    Your cup has turned out brilliantly, well done you.

    {You wait till you see the present I bought myself after I finished AàS from another participant. T'will make you drool!}

  2. That is so cool. I really like it. I've always wanted to do something along those lines.


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