Wednesday, 8 September 2010

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there have been a few articles about loneliness in the press recently:
a piece on the guitarist Brian May saying 
"I've always been looking for that thing that can take away, get rid of the loneliness":
the energy of playing to thousands in a stadium, then back to a hotel room with just yourself to deal with:
he felt drawn to needing people around him:

reading Just Kids by Patti Smith {excellent} she tells us about her relationship
with the artist and photographer Robert Mapplethorpe:
his pursuits to document sexuality as art drove him to darker places:
exploring and creating self-portraits:
her own journey into the social creative whirl of late 60's New York City:
sharing friendships but returning to each other:
in the final pages she wrote 
"on the surface, Robert seemed to have everything he wished for":

we surround ourselves with people, with objects, with wanting:

some people spend their lives searching, looking:
they probably don't even realise they're doing it:
never satisfied with now:

there's nothing wrong with it:
it opens up possibility:
we dive into the ocean of solutions, go with intuition:
it makes us feel correct:

the film director David Lynch has practised meditation for 37 years:
often using the quote 
"true happiness is not out there, true happiness lies within":
he tells us it is possible to achieve enlightenment:
to easily catch ideas that unfold when you realise the full self:

yes I am lonely, I hold my hand up and admit:
I'm not searching for something or someone:
there's a lot more to solitude:
and it's no bad thing:

there's a sweet youtube video here:

tulips 1984 by robert mapplethorpe

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