Saturday, 11 September 2010

▣⌼ push>process

curated by Emma Emmerton & Nastassja Simensky
push>process is the new exhibition currently at the
an interesting collection of photographic images 
created using old and new processes:
manipulation, breaking the rules,
a union of styles:

there's subtle tonal qualities to 
Charlie Skelton's palladium prints:
Alex Chater:
his tempera prints are beautifully coloured: 
layers add depth and transparency:
an image on a resin cast leaf:
photosynthesis manipulated:
chlorophyll record:
taking the cyanotype to another level:
I particularly like the marks left by
brushing on the emulsions:
this is a still from a film shown by 
ethereal images of sun tracks 
captured from tiny pinhole cameras
set up around the world:
pinhole camera can be made from anything:

my favourite of the show ....
from Christina Z Anderson:
deconstructed by peeling:
veils of dissolved emulsion:
the small gallery door has a hole in it:
within you can see the world upside down:

push>process is showing until 23rd september:
go see:

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  1. there's some v interesting stuff going on there.....2&7 caught my eye


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