Wednesday, 29 September 2010

⸎ this is the sound

our annual feast of music arts and smiles
on Saturday:
thankfully it stayed dry:
but it was brrrrr indeed:
a fascinating installation by 
Stuart Bowditch and Damien Robinson:
recordings donated by the public and 
the Essex Sound Archive:
snippets of other people's lives:
different streets, workplaces, parks, homes:
plug in your headphones and listen:
or put on your hands and 'feelsound':

take a seat, get comfy and enjoy
extraordinary sounds by Forest Fringe:
listening to kettles being filled and half heard conversations
while watching the world go by:
snippets of music, accents and song:
1'o'clock at the Uke picnic:
'play this' says Yvie:
so I strum and smile:
I watch bands, laugh at comedy hosted by Sundown Arts 
in the Meadow Tent:
Quirkish Delight make up tales of Dick Van Dyke:
I see friends I haven't seen for years and years:
and some I saw only yesterday:
craziest tent had to be The Bunker hosted by
we got comfy in Grandpa Summers living room:
hypnotised by colour and random scribbles:
challenged them to pingpong and watched the mayhem:

we did so much more:
all day:
till the cold got to our bones:
and only home and rum would do:

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  1. Tenor Uke, that's what you want Choco - I've got one o'these comes with a cool little hardcase too. Much easier for the finger movements..

    Great day wasn't it - nippy but fab you can catch my summary here


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