Tuesday, 14 September 2010

⌘ cultural exchange

Southend-on-Sea is twinned with the town of Sopot, Poland:
last week we enjoyed The Polish Arts Week
and Festival:
DeConstruction Project have taken over the park:
a beautiful old travellers carriage appeared
outside Chalkwell Hall:
Parade of the Denizens by Eva Lis
explores social and cultural migration:
the caravan as a symbol of distrust, 
movement and shelter:
there is nothing new in asylum seeking,
travelling and exchange of multi-culture:
there are stories to be told:
folk tales and tradition:
imagery and colour:
they may be uncomfortable:
Agata Grela makes it so:

still, elegant paper sculptures:
like strangers waiting for a train:
if they could talk what would they say?

conversation by Katarzyna Depta-Garapich:
fragile lines in a fairytale wood:
Renata Jaworska:
the encounter by Agnieszka Kucharko:
we sit and watch:
we listen:
a man speaks:
image, film black and white:
he repeats:
nas zachwycać:

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