Wednesday 24 November 2010

꒽ intertwined

a new exhibition at the CoExist Galleries
curated by Amy McKenny
sees two artists exhibiting together, yet apart:
pieces by Annabel Dover
set objects with paintings:
delicious colour and strokes:
like sweets in a shop window:
lighting can't subdue the bright:
rendered mineral specimens from a
readers digest book:
past relics to the present:
her personal memory shared:
as the metronome finger wags and ticks:
she imagines herself running alongside
a tumbleweed:
the moment passed/past:

discovering that Peter Cushing lived in
Whitstable, Alex Pearl began to write
a vampire novel called
The Pearlfisher:

an account of a visit to Whitstable and 
the making of a work for the Biennale 2010:
notes, letters & thoughts from his blog
transcribed into a book:
Spaceman is a haunting yet amusing film
re-cycled from the 70's tv show UFO:
nostalgic childhood viewing:
both artists toy with our ideas of the past:
how we link object with memory:
a small glimpse into their personal worlds:
they are {as we are} uncannily similar:

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