Monday 1 November 2010

ᚖ the last of the line

the latest brave artist to open her home
 to the public as part of showflat ~ Heidi Wigmore:
transforming her private space into the
Von Heil Haus:
'Everything is not always what it seems behind the closed doors of a stately home'
invited to peep behind doors:
listen to sounds:
an unguided tour:
unpick the story:
clues left by historic artefacts:
items enshrouded:
abandoned: unchanged:
not quite black and white:
edgy: unnerving:
innocence lost:

imagined or alter ego:
dark tale or half truth:

'she spent her life proud, furious,
selfish and unfeeling ....'

click here for a tour with the artist from Michaela Freeman:

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  1. Thank you - a fitting tribute.
    Adelheid von Heil


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