Sunday 24 January 2010

°° beforebetweenbeyond

last week I managed to squeeze in a little visit to see
another excellent exhibition at the TAP gallery:
I couldn't make the private view due to bad weather:
but I got a real treat when Emma gave me
a personal tour of the brilliantly curated show:
*well done Amy*
my highlights are ☞

☝ this little video loop of a diver jumping into a teacup of water
by Alice Mahoney:
watching for a good few minutes, it really made me smile :
I do like humour in art:

☝ I fell in love with this piece by Cheryl Lane:
there's a sad beauty to it:
recycled and re-sited to excite me:

☝ cut paper and collage from Seth Guy:
the monochrome architectural theme and layering of coloured
paper keep your eye busy and wandering wondering:

☝ more humour in these simple line drawings by
Stuart Blackmore:
charming and evocative of human behaviour: ☟

☟the graphic montage by Joseph Kopiel has real impact:
bold dream scapes and riotous colour:

*I later discovered that Cheryl Lane has very recently passed away:
deepest condolences to all who knew her:
a rare talent that I was privileged to enjoy*

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  1. looks like a great little expo there chocco!
    love the diver :)


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