Friday, 8 January 2010

⌘ cabin creative

more snow and school's out for the rest of the week :
it's time to make and do as well as daydream and watch
the birds in the garden:
*don't forget to feed our feathered friends and leave fresh water*
when you've a pile of uneaten apples in your fruit bowl 
that are on the brink of bagginess :

peel, core, chop and tumble into a saucepan :

with a generous sprinkle of cinnamon, a little sugar,
the zest of an equally on-the-turn lemon
and a splash of water :
heat until soft but not too soft :
get out your cutters and make some pastry cases 
*you all know how to make or buy pastry right?*
brush the lids with beaten egg and sprinkle with a 
little demerara sugar :
bake until golden and your house smells 
gorgeously applecinnamonyum :

then wrap up, grab your wellies, scarf, gloves and hat :
*and camera*
and go stretch your legs and get some air :

I never tire going to the woods :
the snow transforms the known to a magical place :

the colours are so bright :

and I feel the cold more than I used to :

and Libbie will never forgo style :

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  1. yet again, my comment didn't post.....hmmm, weird gremlins at work again?

    Well the gist was: B*ll*cks it's snowing fiercely here now, and as I don't have "pastry hands" I can't do this, but I'm inspired to go make my crumble, which I just gotta share with you someday ♥


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