Sunday 3 January 2010

仝 visiting friends

'still on 4 sat, tom soup and cheesy garlic brd, lunch bout 12.30. C ya's then? Lol S x'
how could I resist a text like that?
'Ooo yes please!  Sounds yum x '

armed with a bottle of my sloe gin and some corks *more on those in a bit*
we drove to claim our soupy prize :

Sandra and I have been friends for 14 years ~ saying it out loud makes me wonder 
where the time has gone!?
we met soon after giving birth to our little bundles of joy and just 'clicked' :
apart from being 'outsiders' in our *little village, we had and still have
loads in common.
*little village being Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex where I lived for 3 years*
she always makes us feel so welcome when we visit :
the time flies by as we talk books, art, fashion, recipes, film, 
kids and we eat, chat more and laugh :
she's very modest about her skills but I can tell you she's a talent all right :
her writing is a joy to read,  her cooking sublime, 
her knowledge in the garden is vast and her skills with the 
needle fabulous  :

no wonder her youngest is artistic already :
the corks were for him :
*no dear reader, I didn't drink all those bottles of champers,
although I did enjoy quite a few glasses at Mr B's 50th birthday*

he's quite the entrepreneur, charging a small fee for portraiture :
*this is a good likeness I'm told so I'll have to watch out for the
noseless Mr Hunt*
but what does he do with those corks you may wonder?

he has created a whole world of people :

carefully drawn and glued :
the queen and the grass cutters :

the knights and swordsmen are as scary as they look :
can't wait to see the new members of his imagination :

after our scrumptious soup we went for a walk :
through the country park to the marina :

then along the prom, past boats and huts and chandlers :

until the coming twilight signalled us back :

via Jennie's for a warming cuppa by her logburning stove ....
*the lush drank all her sloe gin already and had I known I'd have given her a bottle too!* 


  1. i thought i had commented?? but anyway ill comment again ,love those cork people zxxx

  2. I need corks, paper and pens!!! They are fabulous!!!

  3. your photos are absolutely beautiful x


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