Tuesday, 25 May 2010

⊡ mootags

my mini moo cards arrived the other day:
 ❤ their quality and speed!
these are for my crochet goodies:
my photos on the front:
email and *forthcoming* website on the back:
I've attached them to a buff label:
❤ a buff label!
hand 'printed' on the reverse with lead letterpress singles:
need to find a less painstaking way to do this:
it's all in the marketing says Fiona:


  1. those are brill! Yes indeed ♥

    Can't really think of a solution to the lettering, other than, duh, getting a letterpress. What about glueing them to a wooden block?
    How I long for a John Bull printing set of yore. If you ever see one......bagsy, mate.

    Labels are very buff indeed! bring me a bid wodge of them with you when you come, there's a lovey x

  2. sadly I only have one of each letter:
    need giant john bull ~ bigger letters than those fiddly little ones that would ping off:
    buff labels coming your way if you find me a buff man for swapsies:


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