Thursday, 20 May 2010

‣‣ walk on the wild side

sometimes I go for a walk in the nature reserve
with my friend Sue and her dogs ~ Dot, Lulu & Blossom:
down the lane, the bluebells are still blue:
pretty horsechestnut flowers 
stand to attention like candles on their leafy holders:
the cows lazing in their summer meadow:
ears flicking away flies:
big tongues licking the air:
bright yellow buttercups to hold under your chin:
do you like butter?
today we took a different route:
across the fields under a grey sky that defied the warm morning:
the dogs were playful as they had an old friend
accompanying them today:

like a teen left to his own devices
too fat and pulling on his lead:

Max has come to stay with us for a few days:
he is the family dog who usually lives with his 'dad':
we rarely have option for him to stay 
but I insisted he belongs with us:
while his dad is away on business:
Libbie is Delighted: *with capital D*
we love having him here:
think we might keep him
kidnap him as Suzie said:
dognap him as Jennie said:


  1. so happy to meet you Mr McEyebrowpants ;) mwah x

  2. He is a rather super-looking lad. Definitely keep.


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