Sunday 30 May 2010

⌭⌭ one year later ....

and I'm still eating chocolate:
I once had a severe habit:
cocoa with everything
even for breakfast:
but now ....
                                       just for treats:
this is my chocolate book and the star of my first blog:
one whole year ago:
it was made specially for me by the beautifully 
creative artist Louise :
a gift for my birthday many years ago:
it is deliciously brown and now slightly bent on the edges:
it had been in storage for a few years until last
year when I rediscovered it:
now it's nearly filled with wrappers
from around the world:
yes, I collect them:
some are sent to me ....
these from Tomika in Fukuoka, Japan:
these from Justine and Remy in Brisbane, Australia:
I eat the chocolate and keep the wrappers for my collection:
my best friend takes delight in finding ones with silly names:

thank you to the poptastic Dave @ planet mondo 
for convincing me to start a blog:
it's put me in touch with some fabulously interesting 
and likeminded people:

I'm just the same as everyone else:
milk or dark:
hazelnut+raisin or sour cherry:
still the 'undisputed chocolate girl':


  1. Is really a year aready! Amazing, happy blog birthday and keep those winners a'coming.

    PS~did you know the Japanese are mad for Kit Kats there stacks of Japan only ltd edt flavours

  2. happy blog birthday my lovely, gorgeous banner......I'm ogling Lou's book, it's a beauty. Hope you stick you Bonne Maman pack in your book when they're done :)

    And Polly Waffle's sound very interesting to a PJ Harvey girl like me. *_^

  3. oooooooh funny to see this again, I remember sitting at the workbench in college making it...a lorra lorra water has flowed since then hasn't it? FMOB
    Sigh and pull in tum and head on forwards
    Did I name you 'the undisputed'? Rings a tinkle of a bell...
    Anyway, congrats on one years worth of blogginess, quite a milestone

  4. I do as it goes Mr M: potato kitkat anyone?
    haven't had the pleasure yet:

    Pollywaffle was a strange one: marshmallow+wafer covered in choc:

    yes Loulove ~ an envelope on that cover with a magazine-cut-out of the name I shall keep: and labels stuck on tissues from a final show:
    long time indeed but it makes us what we are now x


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