Monday 10 May 2010

ם weekend walks

wet grey windy drizzly Saturday?
perfect day to visit 
some members travelled down from London
mad fools:
what a treat?
we strolled along the sea wall:
this concrete construction blocks any sea views from beyond:
we braved the rain and the cold:
walking past the caravan site to a pub beyond the 
oil refinery *there in the distance*
it was good to meet some new people and explore
Canvey and it's bleakness:

Sunday saw better weather:
we drove to Burnham-on-Crouch to have lunch with
my friend Sandra:
another stroll to walk off soup + bread + cheese
followed by chocolate cheesecake *yUm*
Findlay showed us his base:
the cow parsley grows profusely here:
the smell takes me back to sunnier days:
it was quiet on the front:
too cold for many:
Findlays favourite shop:
then back to Sandra's for a cuppa and a natter:
I love the shabby seaside:


  1. oh canvey..makes me feel thankful that I dont live there!!x

  2. it's an acquired taste indeed:
    found the people very chatty and friendly:


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