Tuesday, 6 October 2009

~ be prepared ~

The brain has an unbelievable capacity for information.
Putting it into compartments, ready to be brought to mind at any time.
Sometimes my head is full of ideas and lists *and I do love a list* of things to do, to explore or take further.
Tasks move to the forefront or are pushed to the back of my mind.
Often I am sparked into thinking by a visual or aural marker.
Like a little flag that says "see to this please".
All week I have been thinking about mortality after hearing radio programmes about organ donation.
I have already signed up to have mine donated when I die ~ but I was surprised to hear that my family could still prevent that from happening. I have to tell them my wishes and hope that they keep to them.

I lost a dear friend this year.
She knew she was dying and had planned her funeral.
'The party I'm not invited to' she said.
Luckily I haven't been to many, but I had to smile at her choice of music.
It was her to the last.

Organ donation wouldn't have saved her sadly but there are lots of people it can.
After all ~ I won't be needing them after I've drawn my last breath!

Let it be known that when I go ~
any parts of me that can be used by others should be
I want to be put into a recycled cardboard box that I want people to graffiti, write, sticker and draw on.
Play Mahlers 5th symphony Adagietto at my funeral.
Dress me in something green.
Then burn me up and scatter my ashes on the beach of the Thames.


  1. yes, I love a list too, hehe!

    I must admit I was shocked to read that you actually don't get the last word on organ donation, ridiculous.

    btw, I've already made it known I want Videotape by Radiohead played at mine :)

  2. I adore Radiohead!
    I was torn about having Sail to the Moon as it is one of my favourite tracks. But it's far too sad and the lyrics of Late in the Day were more tongue-in-cheek, and my style.

  3. Jennie said :
    Ah Dee the realist leaving a list of instructions for the optimists, your so funny, have you got it all flat packed under your bed with a cd taped to it, ha ha no one would want bits of me, too knackered. luv ya hun xxx


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