Monday, 26 October 2009

Φ music and lights Φ

Libbie and I went to La Belle et Le Beat at the Railway Hotel.
A family day of music, film, art ~ a gathering.
It was great to take my teenage daughter to see local bands in the pub I have enjoyed frequenting since I can't remember when!
Well done Wendy & Michelle for putting on an eclectic day.
*shame the kitchen ran out of roast dinners ~ we would've stayed until the end but I had to feed my hungry chicklet elsewhere*

After tea, we drove to Hockley Woods to see a light installation by the artist Clare Lynn.

The Enchanted Circuit transformed the woodland into a magical fairyland.
Lights in jars like captured fireflies, lined the paths to guide our way.  
Little children giggled and played with their torches as they wOwed and wOndered.

L.e.d lights strung onto branches that swayed in the darkness and made beautiful shapes on the muddy leafy ground.  
The wood I knew was different that night.
A new experience shared.


  1. just had a look at the Claire Lynn installation on the link: it looks so beautiful, it's incredible how places we know so well can be transformed into something unknown and exciting through these kinds of experiences.

  2. it WAS so beautiful ~ really can't capture the feeling by image or video.
    I suppose that's the point ~ an individual experience with added imaginings ^_^


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