Friday 9 October 2009

¤ green grow the rushes ¤

Yesterday I opened my door to find a little box of tomatoes and a flower, left on my step by Ab.
I love surprises.
She reminds me of a little bird that gladdens the heart, sings a sweet little tune, then flies off to another garden.
Then, while thinking this very thought, I made up a whole daydream about people I know.

Friendship garden.
trees = best friends ~ you trust them with your hopes and fears
shrubs = close friends ~ tell you when you're an arse and when you're good
hardy perennials = old friends ~ share experiences of growing up
annuals = good friends ~ those you can rely on to party
bulbs = distant friends ~ keep in touch but you don't see each other very often
bird = Ab
butterflies = creative friends ~ they flutter by and have a connection
bees = friends of friends ~ buzzing by to say hi
branches that hang over from next doors garden = internet friends ~ people you haven't actually met, but have a shared interest

Happy Friday my friends of all shapes, size and colour.
a later musing = those plants that appear in your garden for no reason, blown by the wind or seeded by birds that you decide to keep


  1. what a great sentiment, and a good weekend to you too, from a branch who is perhaps sometimes a bit of a butterfly!

  2. and a gorgeous branch too ~ loaded with scrumptious apples that fall into my garden ^_^


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