Wednesday, 21 October 2009

˚the creative mind˚

Ever fascinated by the human body and it's functions I listened to a radio programme about the neocortex.
This part of the brain is at the seat of our awareness.  
It's our thinking, reasoning brain that helps us to remember and learn from everything we experience.
Modifying, repeating, analysing, verbalising ~ telling us when it's too hot or too cold.

Then there's the basal ganglia ~ this part is responsible for integrating feelings and thoughts with physical actions. It allows us to control our anxiety, impulses and feelings of pleasure. 
When your mind goes blank or you're lost for words ~ this could be a misfiring of the basal ganglia.

We form memories and learn from new experiences thanks to the hippocampus.  
Apart from short term and long term memory, the hippocampus allows us to make the unknowns ~ known.  
We can associate information with past experiences to arrive at greater understanding.

Memory ~ the foundation for poems, songs and art.  
Triggers and signposts.
The hippocampus stores it all ~ boxes and boxes piled high and teetering.
Ready to be grabbed and used in a heartbeat.
Sometimes there is a need to push memories to the back.
When you're trying to get through a door, arms full of luggage ~ but no matter how much you try ....
there's simply not enough room.  
You have to leave your Gucci behind in order to go out ~ into a brave new world.


  1. Blimey, that's all a bit complicated!
    I always think of my brain in the way Bowie describes it in Rock n Roll Suicide
    ...I have to cram so many things to store everything in there......

  2. it sure is complicated ~ welcome to my world ^_*
    I handed my Gucci over to a woman who couldn't have one ~ she'd better look after it or they'll be trouble!


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