Sunday, 4 October 2009

✺ saturday in the city ✺

Not often you see a big yellow taxi off Carnaby Street but this beast was part of 'wish you were here' ~ a New York/London shop swap.
Hail this cab and it will take you *free of charge* straight to Newburgh Street for coffee, bagels and pop-up fashion shops, New York style.
There was a good new vibe in the air.
It felt like it had recaptured some of the old swinging London ~ not afraid to step way from the norm and show it's rebellious side. Love it.
We decided we had better things to do than join the zillion people queue outside Central Perk!

Totally unrelated but spookily linked to the USA, we had our sights on lazarides gallery to see the beautiful creations of tattoo artist scott campbell
These delicate pieces are made of a stack of 100 $1 dollar bills.
Each dollar is lazer cut individually then the layers are reconstructed into amazingly intricate collages.

Oh how I love London.


  1. those Scott Campbell pieces look incredible, wow wee!

  2. oh they are Suzie ~ the photos don't do them justice
    they remind me of mexican folk art paper cut-outs
    I'm strangely drawn to paper-pierce-cut-fold-scrunchiness lately


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