Monday 5 October 2009

"˚sharing ideas˚"

Providing inspiration.
A debate that has been opened on a beautiful blog I love to visit and be inspired by here
*thank you Lou*
It's really got me thinking!

I love the sharing and creativity and community and vibe that happens daily in blogland and the internet.
Ideas and projects that move my thinking & get the juices flowing.
I could spend hours and hours reading amazing blogs and seeing fabulous works by people around the world.
One click leads to another link and the chain of creativity grows.
It's great to recognise a common thread or seeing something from a different perspective.

But when you put your thoughts out there for the universe to see, are you setting them free for someone else to adopt?

We are all influenced by how we feel, what we see/eat/smell/touch, our friends/family, where we live/our environment, tv/newspapers/books/music ..... the list is endless.

But what about things that we haven't yet seen?
Just because we haven't found them, does it mean they are not there?
You could create something that you believe to be unique, only to find later that someone has the same concept. Dammit! What then?

All the different combinations, permutations and blends of 'things' never ceases to amaze me and constantly surprises me.
*'things' is the only word I can think of right now to apply to everything really ~ music, art, literature, nature, science .....*

Andy Warhol famously borrowed the image of Campbells soup-cans to make a point about deadening consumerism.
I suppose art feeds off itself so it's how you personalise, customise and make it your own.

And where possible pay homage to your inspirations.

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