Sunday, 14 February 2010

☐ eye of a needle

yesterday I assisted in a workshop called
the unpredictable guide to constructing a pinhole camera
for those not in the know ~ 
pinhole camera =
an optical device that projects an inverted image onto
photosensitive paper:
first we selected a box to become our camera:
any size container can be used as long as it is light tight:
to make it so
we painted the inside of our boxes in matt black paint:
then deciding which end of our box we would place our pinhole:
we cut a piece of tin and pierced it with a needle:
the size of pinhole can vary:
we cut a hole in the box and taped on our tin pinhole:
 then using gaffer tape we finished off our box cameras:
we headed to the darkroom to load them up:
in the almost dark but red light:
we 'tacked' a piece of photographic paper into the box:
*opposite end to the pinhole*
replaced the lid and sealed it all around with black tape:
remembering to also put a little piece over our pinhole
to act as a lenscap:
our cameras ready, we set out into the light to
take a picture and time the exposures:
by estimating camera length, diameter of pinhole
and lighting conditions:
you can experiment with the exposure times to
successfully get a paper negative image!
small but perfectly formed:
2 to 3 minute exposure, indoors:
Dawn used an old washing powder box and exposed
for 3 to 5 minutes outdoors:
she then made a contact print of the negative image:
*top left and bottom right*
really looking forward to creating cyanotypes on the 13th march:

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