Wednesday 10 February 2010

✉ hey mr postman

isn't it great when you get a treat in the post?
oh how I smiled at my postcard from the fabulously talented Jill 
*peep here at ☞ today I saw 
thank you, I ❤ it ☺
also there were some packages ....
one from my beautiful Nannie:
inside, this book ☟
the back of the book really made me smile too:
if Dr Who himself says it's okay to eat cake 
then who am I to argue ^_*
inside the book was this sweet little card ☟
wishing me luck and happiness:
it was bookmarking this page ☟
don't you just love those groovy 70's graphics?
Nannie's accompanying letter said
here's an old cookbook, easy to make 'goodies'.
now I don't cook cakes etc as it's cheaper to buy for just one.
I have a treat (cream cakes) from Morrisons on Tuesday as
Amanda takes me shopping.  
we have a meal and nice treats.
*Amanda is my cousin, my Nannie is 87 and not so good on her pins: 
however she's a bright as one upstairs!*

the other package was a little treat of my own:
some new cds to blast from La Martini:


  1. love your nannie, do you think she'll adopt me? both my poor old nans have gone now, I didn't realise how much I need one :)

  2. What a great idea from 'Today I saw'. I loved the blog..

    Good old nan - just loving that groovy baking book from the co-op. I wonder if Jon Pertwee really said all that?! ; )


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