Thursday 18 February 2010

≑ real culture show *part one*

the sun was out all day yesterday:
so we took the train to London:
first stop Oxford Street:
a stroll to the beautiful Liberty shop:
up up up up the stairs to the 4th floor:
a collection of fashion photography exhibited curated by 
Spring Projects as part of London Fashion week:
we loved ↙ slurpee lady and perfect portraits
Libbie loved ↙ fluffy floating hedge girl
and man in the chair with a pig ↘:
I love ↘ anything with flamingoes and the beautiful Liberty
furniture in the space ↘:
downers = bad lighting for glazed photos:
*as you can see by my surreptitious shots*
no takeaway blurb of exhibits or artists:
*who were ~ Alice Hawkins, Daniel Jackson, Angelo Pennetta,
Josh Olins & Jacob Sutton*
in the gloriousness of our favourite London store
we forgot to take note of who shot what:
sorry dear readers:
but here's some more yummy Liberty luciousness that caught my eye ☟
zoo fruit bowl anyone?
lemon lovely doilies and paper cake cases:
swoonsome chair and a tap-tap-ding ♫:
newspaper bug collage chair wOw:
oh how I want to live in that store:
part two tomorrow ....


  1. another flamingo reference Janys:
    there were some on the roof garden of the Biba store:
    Liberty has moved with the times but hasn't lost any of it's wOw:

  2. loved to have been there wiv ya, looks amazing
    *confession time* got v excited when I saw Culture Show title as I have a massive secret crush on Andrew Graham Dixon, shhh!

  3. me too suzie! I wonder if he's single?
    I am! ^_*

  4. Oi! I saw him first! * shove*

  5. he can talk to me about giacometti and juxtapositions anytime:
    reason for title of this post will be revealed in part trois x


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