Thursday, 4 February 2010

▞▝ a few squares worth

today I was given a bar of choc from my friend Paul: 
he thoughtfully bought me a bar on his recent trip to the big apple:
thank you lovely man:
so good to catch up with him in starbucks over a mocha and muffin:
I could listen to his soft scottish tones all day:
 as usualI remembered a million things I wanted to talk to him about ....
after we'd left and were driving our separate ways home!
*Lego sets, galleries and bookshares*
the other day I unearthed some old 'what to eat' magazines dating from 1899:
I'd found them in my last home and kept them for their amazing
covers and fonts:
showing how times change, they make amusing reading:
*more soon ~ watch this space*
these two advertisements jumped out at me:
suchard and menier ~ two well known chocolatiers now, but newly introduced to 
the USA in March 1899:
*note the 'means health in good nourishment' in the Menier ad, that is now my mantra*
it made me think of our dear English chocolate brand Cadbury's:
by 1879 John Cadbury's sons had relocated their fathers business to Bournbrook Hall, 
developing the village of Bourneville:
John Cadbury was quite the socialist, leading campaigns against animal cruelty
and child labour:
the generous ethos seemed to be carried on by his family and made his name
synonymous not only with the brown stuff, but also good old fashioned English spirit:
I wonder if this will continue when Kraft take over the name:
whatever happens it won't take away my memories of Cadbury's chocolates:
flakes plunged into a Rossi's icecream cone on the beach:
sticking your tongue into the oh-too-sweet-and-sickly Creme Egg:
and I'll never forget the Milk Tray man:
*who as a little girl, I told everyone he was my brother and his name was Robert*

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  1. How funny about the Milk Tray man ("why Robert?)...really made me smile..
    : )

    Fed up about Cadburys when I heard the news though...hope nothing changes too much..
    : (


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