Saturday, 20 February 2010

「」one two three:

after Lazarides we strolled through Soho Square, nearly bumping into
the actress Caroline Quentin who was hurrying along with her children:
onward to the newly sited Photographers Gallery to see
the Deutsche Bӧrse Photography Prize 2010:
talk about celeb spotting .... 
clocked Miranda Sawyer, journo and Culture Show regular,
admiring the exhibition with her friend:
*shame it wasn't Andrew eh Suze?*
so the top pic(k)s for us?
*click on the pictures to view them larger*

 Anna Fox's documentary style photos really pushed my buttons:
I adore the inanimate:
her images of the inside of her Mother's cupboards
with her Father's words were both amusing and disturbing:
*apologies for crap quality photos ~ surreptitious+glass+no flash handheld ain't easy!*
there is something morbidly fascinating about Anna's work 
particularly in the concertina'd pieces 'Notes From Home 1996-2003'
gifts from the cats and making cakes:
*another tick in the box for cake reference*
her Parresque eye gives us the humour of everyday objects
as well as making us feel slightly uncomfortable:
Zoe Leonard is another nominee who appealed to my
interest in urban landscapes:
"Analogue Portfolio" a selection of images taken with her old 
Rolleiflex film camera:  
she observes her town, her streets and neighbourhood
as I do:  details and old shop fronts:
particularly the dying age of analogue:
her sharp Rolleiflex and dye-transfer prints remind us 
of what is about to be lost:

drawn to a collage of copies from the pages of a scrapbook of a fictitious
non sectarian by Donovan Wylie:
 this is not a real recipe as I first thought ....
reading on, the pages plainly show responses to the situation:
a curious document with links to the personal albums that
exist within families today:
Libbie loved Wylie's 'Destruction of the Maze Prison'
a series of photos of the perimeter:
of cells and corridors:
Maze witnessed hunger strikes, murders, mass breakouts and ceasefire negotiations:
Wylie spent over 100 days on site while it was being slowly decommissioned:
stark repetitious images and the feeling of absence :
monotony and the architecture of conflict:
*on until 18th April*

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