Friday 19 February 2010

〓 part deux

the faile bast deluxx flux arcade 2010
Faile, a duo from Brooklyn USA have collaborated again with Bast
to turn two floors of gallery into an explosion of colour and sound:
all their thematic signatures are there:
cut copy paste:
pop culture and flyposters:
I'll try to explain this sensory experience!
walk in and the room is full of 80's arcade machines
covered in paste-up flyposters and colour:
the screens with cut up animation:
you don't quite know what button to press or what will happen!
every machine is free to play but buy tokens that will
give you an extra experience:
shoot em ups or sit n drives:
monochrome or colour:
Libbie loved blowing up sheep:
downstairs ☟
and you're hit with fluoro lighting and illuminous images 
on every surface:
pulp fiction meets punk:
even the floor:
this must have taken some time to install!
there's two bar football tables to play: 
hidden around the corner, a decoupage figure:
we do enjoy some participation and interaction:
this is a very male space but the images are so feminine:
call girl, b movie, sexual:
go see:
till 19th march
*part trois tomorrow ....*

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