Tuesday 8 December 2009

✬ accumulate

there's a rule I have, for newly acquired or bought clothes
if something goes into the wardrobe,
then something has to come out
there is good reason ....

my poor heaving rail could take no more yesterday
when I dutifully put away the ironing
the rail has always been slightly too short for the fixing
so when it was full to capacity *and weight*
it flexed and ≪crash!≫
*well actually it was a sort of 'phlumph'*
dresses and trousers in a heap

setting to pull them all out and re-hang those that had come adrift 
I noticed a pair of old wooden hangers
they were left in a cupboard, in a house I lived in as a little girl
since then they've travelled with me from wardrobe to wardrobe
I've always kept them, not for sentimental reasons
but because they are so damned durable!

one of them has a name on it
she must have lived in that house too

thank you elsie james


  1. my comments aren't showing up choc, il y a une probleme avec ton blogger?

  2. I dunno!? *in a Catherine Tate voice*
    perhaps it's having a hot flush
    a law unto it's bloggin' self


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