Thursday, 31 December 2009

☯ not drowning but waving

as the decade closes it's time to appease the demons 
and think of resolutions for the coming year :
twice this week, those little signposts pointed me here ➳
my word for 2010 is 

and for me to look there ~ I have written this ➳

*the title is a play on one of my favourite poems by Stevie Smith


  1. That's a tip top idea (or is it idee)..

    Have a choctastic tear up tonight and see you in 2010

  2. a quiet night ~ just me, Libbie a few Sailor Jerry's & Jools :
    I look forward to some new year Mondoblogmagic! ^_*

  3. again you have made me smile, im hoping next year will be happier, im having a very similar evening to you, sailor jerry is the main guest xx

  4. he's always welcome ^_*
    enjoy your night and kisses for that beautiful little girl x

  5. Happy New Year Dee
    "Forward" it is...I'm with you on that

  6. I'll echo that - forwards, onwards and upwards. Happy new year!

  7. thank you lovely ladies :
    so good to see you ^_^

  8. That letter goes straight to my heart. I love the tone that you took on -- very gentle, relaxed, loving. Also, I love the photos of the corks. Adorable.


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