Tuesday 1 December 2009

≓ the twelfth

it's that time of year when people are asking  
                                 "what would you like for Christmas?"
it makes me feel slightly uncomfortable 
of course I'm always happy to receive a gift ~ who isn't?
and I'm grateful to anyone who takes time to think of me

it's that time of year when people around me are spending, gathering
                                 "buy two gifts get one free"
it makes me think of those who can't afford

I don't remember writing Christmas lists as a child ~ I probably did
we didn't have much and I have nothing but good memories

an annual each, a festive stocking full of sweets and a game for the whole family to share and play
after dinner on Christmas Day
the prize was a chocolate that hung from the Christmas tree
all winners ~ no losers

my Papa worked hard as a milkman
each week, a few pennies from his wage packet went into a special fund 
the milkmen and the dairy hosted a Christmas Party for the children 
a pantomime at the local theatre then a disco at a nearby hall ~ complete with a snack,
a visit from Santa and a gift
we thought it was fantastic!

I didn't want for much ~ I didn't ask for much
still don't
I have everything I need ~ it's good to brush it off and remember that

I don't think this was our kitten but I 
obviously enjoyed the moment


  1. your christmas memories are how christmas should be......
    email me your address, I want to send you a card! x

  2. aw thanks suzie c
    we certainly were the have-nots then ~ no heating or running hot water
    but you know what? we were happy and our parents did their best
    we really appreciated and looked after our things ~ something I still do today
    hence the boxes of relics kept and treasured

    Delia Smith was on bbc last night ~ cooking up 'traditional' christmas food. I had to laugh as it was virtually all stuff my Mama does!
    And Delia, what about those of us who will only be cooking for two?

  3. Had to grin when I read about Mum and Christmas when I remember all of you coming to me every day for weeks before Christmas to ask, 'Can we put the decorations up yet?' My reply, 'Ask Mum'and off you all would race to ask her but soon came back downcast because her answer was always, 'NO! too early' but we wore her down eventually.
    A running joke that went on for years :))

  4. those 'accordion' angels ~ licking paper chains ~
    sticking drawing pins into dodgy polystyrene ceiling tiles and our 'special' schoolmade home made decorations for the tree *egg box bells covered in glitter & painted acorns I recall*

    Libbie asked about putting our twigs up yesterday ~ "well Josie's had her tree up since last weekend" she pleaded
    maybe next week ....


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