Wednesday, 23 December 2009

♲ it won't stop me from recycling

it's easy to feel that whatever you do ~ it won't be enough :
the results of the Copenhagen climate summit this month have been given negative press from all sides :
Greenpeace, as ever, rallying up and pushing for more :
* big support from here *

*picture from greenpeace
 it's easy to think that sorting your paper, glass and tin is but a microbe in the ocean 
when some newly industrialised countries ~ like Malaysia and South Korea, now have emissions higher than many European countries :

Malaysia's emissions are four times what they were in 1990 ~ per head of population, that's equal to the UK's:
Saudi Arabia's emissions have doubled ~ per head now beats all European countries except Luxembourg:
Qatar's per-capita emissions are four times those of the US:

it's easy to get gloomy over such statistics :
what we need is some balance :
the richer countries helping the poorer ones with all aspects of their environment :
stepping up to the plate and admitting they need change too :

*photo thanks to artofthestate


  1. You can make a difference. WE all can!

    And this story may boost the spirits of some of your readers:

    as we say in Hawaii: Hiki No! (can do!)

  2. seasons greetings to you McKenna and thank you for the link ^_^
    you're so right ~ reduce and re-use is the way forward :
    the message is seeping through gradually with supermarkets bowing to pressure from consumers re packaging and waste :
    the current economic climate has forced many people to rethink their consuming habits and I for one am loving the many handmade and pre-loved gifts and cards I've received this christmas :
    small voices will one day become a beautiful choir :


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