Monday, 28 December 2009

♫ you make my heart sing

there's been lots of this ....

oh I have been spoilt!

I adore my greeny boots from Libbie❤

and chocs + treats for every eventuality
*thanks Ab, Cheryll, Rossella & Sue*

and the beautiful Conchita hanging in the hall
*thank you to the Browns*

and gifts with me in mind
*thanks Hayley and Alex the fine stitcher*

and books books delicious books
*thanks Libbie❤ & Samantha+Jack*

divine foldy paper goodness
*thanks Zoe & Andy*

and bling createD especially for me
*thanks Sue*

and practicality in mind
*thanks Mummy*

so I'm wearing my disco socks
*thanks Stanley & Edward*

and settling down by the fire ....
to make a new cover for my sewing machine

happy holidays!

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