Saturday 5 December 2009

⎈⌇gathering shells and thoughts

today I set off to the beach
I can walk to the river from my house
but I wanted to visit my favourite place 
which is a little drive away

walking along the row of huts I collected shells 
cockles and mussels 
stones with holes through, 
pieces of sea glass ~ green and frosted white
the tide lapping at my feet as I grabbed small pieces 
of smooth driftwood
I love to come here at this time of year
it's a place to think and daydream
breath in the salty air
and listen to the 'clink clink' of ropes on masts
while the seagulls cry


  1. I've checked the full set on Flickr ~ winners all! I love that clanking sound of boat rigging too

  2. aw thanks Mr M ~ good to see you and Mrs M yesterday
    how's those ears today ^_*


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