Friday, 11 December 2009

ↂ exposed

yesterday was a cleansing day 
getting rid of rubbish
doing all those niggly little jobs and errands
then coming back to earth as I set my eyes on a beautiful little baby girl only 2 days old
so fresh that I dare not lift her

then evening comes
and a private view of exposure
 a brilliantly curated show of photography and video
well done michaela!
the best one *for me* is the last image below ☟
love love love it
 victoria j dean

            emma emmerton                            
ruth naylor
 lucia pizzani             
millie burton 
ruby wallis              

kate peters


  1. I really like the Victoria J Deans, almost abstract, and the Madonnas best. But hey, you should try posting the pics bigger, they are so difficile to see unless you click on 'em to bring them up big. And I'm lazzeee today.....

  2. that's the idea lazybones ^_*
    if I make 'em too big then you gotta s c r o l l
    *tsk raises eyes to heavens and thinks ~ no pleasing some people*

    loved the madonna on the right ~ compositionally worked better for me
    victoria's depth of fields are so so shallow ~ was drawn to the washing line coz I think we've all taken snaps of that part of womanly drudgery
    but my favourite was the four light bulbs ~ probably because it is precisely the sort of thing I notice and capture


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