Monday 14 December 2009

✖ don't look back

it's nearly the end of a decade  
already people are starting to compile lists
magazines will be full of best music/event/photo/film
____ insert missing thing here

ten years ago I was a married Mama to two girls living in a big house
studying at college as a mature student
juggling life 

now I'm a single Mama to one growing teenager
living in our little haven
working three jobs ~ being creative
juggling life

there are parts I miss and those I don't one iota
instead of looking back
I shall be facing forward


  1. good tune...
    if we keep looking back
    we end up tripping over things
    we didn't see coming...
    eyes & head forwards
    onwards and upwards

  2. Ooh nice tune - late night mellowness..

    I don't get all the rear view mirror business about the noughties, it's hardly a vintage decade is it?

  3. love the video too ^_*

    I agree Mr M ~ all talk and no action methinks
    Here's to 2010!


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