Sunday 30 January 2011

♊ part two

our very own local photography space
the focal point gallery shows the latest exhibition
curated by Duncan Wooldridge:

firstly a quick apology ....
I stupidly lost the information for the artists of
this part of the show 
but I will endeavour update this post
with names and titles when
I get the chance to revisit the gallery:

encyclopaedia britannica as critic:
who needs Gok Wan?
not the size of my wardrobe:
tights unnaturally suspended:
my favourite piece:
images of car stereos playing good tunes:
music to drive by:
road trip song memory:

Saturday 22 January 2011

꒾꒿ anarchy in the gallery

we are very lucky to have a dedicated 
photography gallery not too far from home:
Focal Point's first exhibition this year
is a real statement:

curated by Duncan Wooldridge
not only challenges us with experimental
photographic processes
it also brings together two separate gallery spaces:

many locals have overlooked a little gem
in our cultural heritage
there's a common misconception that it 
only houses watercolours and oils of 
Thames vistas within its fusty exterior:

think again!
think perfect collaboration:
scratched postcards:
retro hued recycled daytrips:
the world is beautiful by
David Raymond Conroy:
haunting faceless repetition:
remnants from the passport photos
of Rwandan children by
Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin: 
staring gaze: cut copy:
love v by John Stezaker:
the ghosts of notices past:
sugar paper made pastel
by Sara Mackillop:
anti-photography runs until 2nd April:

the Beecroft is host to not just one photography 
in the quietly lit Thorpe Smith Rooms
a fabulous collection of images taken
by Josef Koudelka & Ron McCormick:

{I urge you to click on the images to view them larger}
a tender glimpse of Southend in the 1970's:
rockers down the seafront:
{apologies for the yellow hue this is not a representation of 
the true colour but a result of low gallery lighting}
an excellent exhibition that runs for
all of 2011: 
there's so much more:
take a new peep inside the Beecroft:
it's recommended:

part two ~ Focal Point to follow ....

Sunday 16 January 2011

𐌏𐌈 reel to reel

for a little while I have had this box:
it's part of a collection that belonged 
to my Grandad:
cines and slides from days past:
blues being the colour of things cinematic:
priced £3.65: 
probably expensive those days:
luckily my Grandad was very organised:
each reel hand labelled:
last Sunday, Ken & Angie came to my house:
with their film projector:
after much tinkering, tea & cake
we managed to set it up and watch a reel:
it was strange and exciting seeing myself
as a little girl with my family:
seeing who was who:
with Libbie too, marvelling and laughing
at the fashions and decor:
the changing face of family life:

{notice an early liking for a choccie biccie: some things don't change}

⻝ mystical souls

new sculptures developed specially for his
solo exhibition at the 
Tap Gallery by David Murphy
Almost Island:
'these are the mysteries and these are 
the traps of the mysteries'
2 & 3 metres long:
steel, bolts and boot polish:
harshly industrial but somehow fragile:
like huge eel traps ready to capture
some large mythical being:
or man:
projected flotsam:
plastic jellyfish:
winched high 'the water rules':
leaking under their 3 tonnes of water:
vast and bulging:

the concept for this exhibition make for an
exciting read:
'Murphy's work deals with the relationship of
land to water and situates itself frequently in the 
impermanent, edgeless territory
between the two':

but for me I felt there could be more:
I wanted there to be more:

go see for yourself:
runs until 11th February:

Thursday 13 January 2011

❤♡❥ shopshopshop

a shameless flag waving and go-see-now
my lovely friend Suzie's new online shop
yes click that ☝word up there and 
go see her delicious things:
not only is she selling her amazing sculptures
and shadow boxes:
{she's such a talent}
she's selling yummy french finds
like these
and these!
hurry hurry:
they're selling fast:
someone has already bought the vintage 
swirly red dress that goes with those shoes:
{recommend further visits as she updates the store often}
you still here?
get clicky! 
here ☛ Trilogie: