Monday, 28 March 2011

⊗⊕ smile please

yesterday we travelled up the M1 motorway
to the Format International Photography 
festival in Derby:
'Right Here, Right Now'
exposures from the public realm
explores street photography:
short walks take you from
space to space
set around Derby's City centre:
lots to see, even on a Sunday:
from here to there by Ljudmilla Socci:
images taken from a train window:
a journey of shifting landscapes:
pyramid by Raoul Gatepin:
flaked suburbia after Wall St financial messes:
modern architecture looms hazily
over victorian semi's:
we were shadows watching shadows:
stereoscopic photographs that track a journey 
from the hoover dam to the 
roof of the world trade centre:
by Robert Covington:
peep through the glasses as the photos
merge and animate:
all is not what it seems:
nature enshrouds the traces of war:
but some things remain beneath:
minescape by Brett van Ortt:
tactile surfaces of bomb shelters:
personalised not disguised:
public domain by Orit Ishay:
best in show for me was 
concrete island by Peter Ainsworth:
marks left by inhabitants on walls
that support a motorway flyover:
painterly, abstract, layered:
there was an eclectic mix of both
photographs, styles and venues:
just like the city
old, sits comfortably, next to new:
our final exhibition of the day
and the biggest interaction:
Al had taken images on his phone during 
our visit:
bluetoothed to pogo:
printed: tagged:
photographic points around the city:
a visually changing map:
street photography is a vast topic:
there is always the debate
'is it street?'
everything shifts as you move:
different things come into focus at
different points in your life
and you try to articulate that:

Format continues until 3rd April 2011:

Sunday, 20 March 2011

☼☾ sun & the moon

the garden is waking up:
single flowers on the camellias:
 I grabbed my tools and set to work:
wigwams for beans and peas:
a big full moon was on it's way:
 planting onions where the worms
like to live:
and garlic and potatoes:
all in a row:
leaving some for later ....
the moon was stunning that night:
I planted some more in her light:
we will see what it brings:

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

꒺꒺ dancedance

last weekend a feast for the eyes:
twirling ringing jingling:
tribally inspired
an evening dedicated to the art of 
sister studios:
elegant slow moves:
shoulders, arms undulate:
waists, hips and feet follow:
it's mesmerising:
Lianne danced with Egyptian beats:
Angela Noble with Gypsy roots:
Maryam danced with her eyes:
making elegant shadows
in the harsh light:
the queen of Tribal Style:
perfect poise, gestures:
with Tribal Unity:
it was magical:
I want to dress up:
I want to boomboomching with zills:
and now I have serious tassel envy:

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

☼⩈ how will my garden grow?

last year {or was it the year before}
the back of our garden was cleared 
of huge old gnarly shrubs
and a few conifers that had seen 
better days: 
the birds didn't panic as there are still 
lots of places for them:
under the forest of bramble we discovered
another 4 metres of garden
all within two raised beds:

so we covered it with plastic and left it 
till yesterday:
my friend Abigail came over and dug in
the wheels I'd collected:
a row of recycling:
now we have to decide what to plant
and where:
we will definitely plant these:
they are borlotti beans:
I picked them for the last time
at my late friend Nicola's allotment:
she'll be laughing at me, up there,
wherever she is
as I rake to a tilth and hoe: