Thursday 7 November 2019

^~^~^~ endless blue

how to challenge your fear of open water
take a 7 day sailing trip
around the Saronic Islands in the Aegean Sea
on a small boat
with 6 women and a male skipper
of course I was nervous
having never been on a boat smaller than a ferry
those fears melted away
as we visited islands everyday
docking at different a harbour
waking up to the sounds of sail masts
the bustle of water side life
then setting off to a bay for swimming
a new found love of being on the sea
sleeping to the sound of the water
lapping on the side of the boat 
and gazing at the changing shades of blue
each Island very different
like the ladies I travelled with
who were forgiving my quirks
and so very encouraging
as I dipped my shoulders under the Aegean water
sunrises/ sunsets
yoga, laughter, food food food
music, boats, dolphins,
flying fish, sea
our fantastic skipper Petros
and blue 

endless blue

again next year maybe?

Islands & bays we visited ~~
Poros, Docos Bay, Hermione, Metoxi,
Tolo, Nafplion, Astrous, Zagoria, Spetses,
Hydra, Peloponese, Soupia, Aegina, Lagouses, Alimos