Saturday, 21 May 2016

~~ re:treat

last weekend I stayed in the hills of Southern Portugal
a beautiful place surrounded by 
wild flowers and wildlife
waking to the sounds of chickens and birds
clean air & clear skies
less than three hours flight from our local airport
and we were enjoying the pace
relaxing in the spaces
a morning and evening walk 
up the hill to the roundhouse for
an hour of yoga
+ a time of mindfulness
colourful vegetarian food
local wines
Lagos is a 20 minute drive away
big boats small boats
cobbled streets
and restaurants with locally caught sardines
the perfect way to become refreshed and renewed

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

❖ on the line

this little wooden clothes peg
is being sent to my friend Suzie
for her wee project
I took this photo last year on my birthday
4th May
you can see the peg on the side of the peg bucket
 which was a handmade gift  
from my sister ZoĆ«
it was the last thing she made for me
as one week after this photo was taken
she decided she didn't want to be here anymore

we have to accept
there are no answers to the questions we want to ask
but we know she is at peace

and forever in my heart