Saturday, 25 January 2020

**** it's never goodbye

this man came into our lives when I was small
taking on three children
giving us his name
before giving us a little sister
bringing laughter and fun into our lives
thank you for the good times
the memories
and your love
rest in peace my silly Pops

"hey there Mr Blue
we're so pleased to be with you
look around see what you do
everybody smiles at you" 
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Thursday, 16 January 2020

- - - - en promenade

the time of year when resolutions are made
I never go by that
instead I'm retaining an intention 
the intention to keep walking

at least one hour 
sometimes more
time to think, breathe
and listen to the sounds around me
no targets
no regime
just walking
when I want
where I want
2019 = 652km