Thursday 27 October 2016

- - colour me

 so we started stripping the red bedroom
at first it was a painterly thing
revealing old walls
these ceilings are over 12ft high
and the walls are really bad
hundreds of years of filler
it is taking forever
as the paper only comes off in tiny pieces
and the steamer is a no-no
but we will get there

Wednesday 19 October 2016

>>> elec-trickery

have a little think about how many electrical
things you have 
and how many plugs they use
in the UK our plugs have 3 pins
only having a few adaptors to use them in 2 pin sockets
got boring after a few days!
a quick youtube search 
and I was soon re-wiring
12 plugs
there's still more to do
but it's a start

Sunday 16 October 2016


one week ago
my house was packed up
labelled and loaded
onto a huge truck 
we had a few days without any furniture
{apart from some beds I purchased from the previous owner}
one frying pan and a saucepan
two borrowed deckchairs
and some random crockery 
by the third day, the truck arrived
the whole village suddenly wanted to walk their dogs
or visit the local bar
to see what was going on
within a few hours
everything was unloaded
most of the boxes were piled in a side room 
on the ground floor
we call this 'the room of doom'
much of it won't be unpacked for some time
so this is my new home
in La Bastide sur L'Hers

plenty more photos here ~