Friday 6 November 2020

*.*.* here, there and everywhere

it's been a month since I moved 
from the house I called home
to a temporary rental by the sea

living out of a suitcase
just the bare essentials
my belongings in a shipping container

my apartment is being built at lightning quick speed
 I have no idea when it will be habitable

I am feeling unsettled
I'm between places
I miss my own bed

some days are harder than others
but I know it won't be forever


Friday 16 October 2020

|^^| let's create a living space

seems I always move house in October
except this time I have moved temporarily
into a holiday rental by the sea
sea, sand and mountain views
and treasure to be found
that'll do while the work is going on in my apartment
city living means small streets
but that's no worry for delivery drivers
they are used to hoisting heavy things up
we had to get permission to close the road
for our two huge deliveries
work is happening rapidly
first fix plumbing and electric 
tools tools
yesterday I laid the first block for the solid wall
that will be the ground floor bathroom 
and laundry room
today they begin the stud work
it's organic
the builder puts out his thoughts
I say hmmm can we do that, but with this extra
he rarely says no
he knows what he is doing
and I know what I want
a good team

Tuesday 30 June 2020

\/\/\ when love breaks down

something happened yesterday
it had been building for a little while
I knew it
he knew it
I've been living a story for the last year or so
today, with a big feather quill
I'm dipping it into the pot of ink
and writing a false stop
no regrets, no sadness

“I believe that love is the indispensable fuel for us to go on living.
Someday that love may end.
Or it may never amount to anything.
But even if love fades away, even if it’s unrequited,
you can still hold on to the memory of having loved someone,
of having fallen in love with someone.
And that’s a valuable source of warmth.
Without that heat source,
a person’s heart would turn into a bitterly cold, barren wasteland.
A place where not a ray of sunlight falls,
where the wildflowers of peace,
the trees of hope, have no chance to grow.
Here in my heart,
I plan to use these memories
as my own little fuel source to burn on cold nights,
to keep me warm as I live out what’s left of my own personal life.”

Haruku Murakami

                                                                              Confessions of a Shinagawa Monkey

Monday 15 June 2020


one of the best gifts I have ever received
was this crazy little kitty
abandoned then found 

 so full of character
a vocal and playful cat
he gave so much love
and was loved so much 

he used up his 9 lives too soon
sail away
my sweet Astro

Wednesday 1 April 2020

?? strange days ??

here we are in our third week of 'lock down'
social media flooded with figures and theories
our usual patterns disrupted
it's not so easy to keep upbeat ....

but if you look you can see
that people are being creative
in the ways they interact

musicians performing
virtual pub quizzes
discos and dances
birthday parties
any kind of party
film clubs
yoga and meditation
art, language, cooking classes
tips and help
all from their homes
even the technophobes are learning!

this pause will shape how we have been
how we will be in the future
soon we will be free from our little bird cages

Saturday 25 January 2020

**** it's never goodbye

this man came into our lives when I was small
taking on three children
giving us his name
before giving us a little sister
bringing laughter and fun into our lives
thank you for the good times
the memories
and your love
rest in peace my silly Pops

"hey there Mr Blue
we're so pleased to be with you
look around see what you do
everybody smiles at you" 
<3 br="" nbsp="">

Thursday 16 January 2020

- - - - en promenade

the time of year when resolutions are made
I never go by that
instead I'm retaining an intention 
the intention to keep walking

at least one hour 
sometimes more
time to think, breathe
and listen to the sounds around me
no targets
no regime
just walking
when I want
where I want
2019 = 652km