Sunday, 29 July 2012

☼ holidays in the sun

we have just returned from a week in
the beautiful Dalaman region of Turkey:
soaring 40 to 50 degree temperatures
meant few adventures
but it didn't stop us visiting the market
in Fethiye 
{click on the images to make them bigger}
bags of spices, pots of sumac
lentils & borlotti beans
olives black and green
fruit piled high
sweet sweet cherries like we've never tasted
mountain glimpses through the canvases
turkish tea
and pancakes
hand crochet placemats
jewel painted bowls
turkish cotton tablecloths
and lace:

we walked past the fake handbags, shoes and t shirts: 
friendly people, welcoming you to their stalls .....
try this, see here
'cheaper than Primark' 
'better than Aldi'
'two for a tenner'
look deeper for the real thing:
it is there, fighting to be unspoiled

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

♋ child's eye view

if ever there is time for some perspective 
then take a look at these pieces
made by the children of Watanona Elementary School
constructed from the only materials they had
because their school is in 
Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture
which was devastated by the tsunami
last year
they are reconstructing things
making new

{exhibition at Atelier Muji, Tokyo}