Saturday 23 February 2013


 how lucky we are to have our Nan
quite a lady and still sharp witted
we gathered to celebrate her 90th birthday
cake, family jokes, friends and stories
five generations sharing a special day
happy birthday Nanny 

Monday 18 February 2013

✚✙ these streets

a Friday off and the chance to journey to
before the half term crowds
among the four floors of space
were these photographs by 
Geraldo De Barros 
 just the sort of thing I capture when
wandering the streets of hotter places
where the light is a delight
we wandered the streets in chilly London
and came to a small gallery
a dark space 
quiet but for the creak of floorboards
reworked found photographs by 
Butch Anthony
erosion of culture 
by Guy Laramee
go down the spiral stairs to the basement
The Museum of Curiosity
and this magnificent installation
by Swoon
a dream reliquary
inside the drawers 
typed dreams on yellowed paper
"I dreamt I was Stalin’s daughter… and he was nice to me."
filigree paper cuts and cast curios
we blink in the daylight to continue our mooch
to Lina Stores
green stripes entice 
choc full of Italian treats and eats
pretty packages
sweet day to get lost in Soho

Monday 11 February 2013

}{ choice cuts

everyone is talking about horsemeat:
after commenting on a tweet on my timeline
I realised that I hadn't considered the people 
who are actually eating the mislabelled convenience foods:

at first I fell into the trap of thinking it must be low income or lazy
people who are buying this stuff, but wait!
I hadn't considered those who are time poor, too busy to
cook from scratch every day, those who just are not into food:
those who can barely use fuel to heat the house 
let alone cook a meal
the microwave dinner is quick and convenient and cheap:

when I was a kid, Findus crispy pancakes were a novelty 
an expensive treat we could not afford:
but those were the days of local shops
greengrocers and butchers
not everyone has the luxury of shopping close by now:

for too long supermarkets have dictated to us price and range:
too much choice and too much wasted in my view:
the big providers should be accountable:
let's get back to quality over quantity