Sunday, 20 December 2015

** opting out

sometimes the universe throws you a ball
that knocks you down
and while you're down there
you think about stuff
all the stuff you need/don't need
all the stuff you think you need/want
all the stuff that's important/unimportant
all the people who were there/weren't there 

then you get right up, dust yourself down 
and start again
with a fresh perspective
that scar the universe left
the gentle reminder 
you never forget

we are going on an adventure today
far away
where there is no christmas day
and we will remember all those here/not here
we will carry them in our hearts

have a happy holiday
fill your soul and your belly
see you in 2016 with tales of our journey

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

∏∏ subversion

I follow the artist Ai WeiWei on
he documents his travels
taking photos of everything,
everyone and his son

having never seen his work
we took a visit to the Royal Academy 
his work is impressive
I imagine he employs an army of people
to source the beautiful materials
for his installations
each piece has a background
a history
a story
it's not all pretty
'Straight' is a seismographic 90 tons of iron bars
that once held up buildings
highlighting the corruption which made school buildings 
vulnerable in the Sichuan earthquake, 2008
he makes known the authorities who try to 
destroy inconvenient histories
cao {grass} each blade and their hexagon bases
taken from the same quarry, the same marble used for 
Mao's mausoleum in Tiananmen Square

like these tightly packed marble grasses
the gallery spaces were very busy
everyone wants to see what the fuss is about
WeiWei is news

"Today is very different. I still have the internet and I can still manage to organise exhibitions with established institutions. In today’s condition, I do not think that anybody can stop the exchange of ideas."

Monday, 2 November 2015

** ** 140 years of style

this weekend I took a trip to the
to see the Liberty in Fashion exhibition
"I was determined not to follow existing fashion
but to create new ones"
Arthur Lazenby Liberty
sumptuous fabrics
oriental influences
generous cuts
sweet detail

Liberty has lasted by moving with changing trends
but keeping it's unique identity
a nostalgic trip through the eras of designs 
we recognise and love

the exhibition runs until February 2016

Thursday, 13 August 2015

⫷⫸ tide land

escape to somewhere 
away from the crowds
 where shingle beats sand
and boats sit still
tumbledown sheds
 all watched over
texture play, shades of grey
beautiful bleak billowing
Derek Jarman knew a thing or two

Saturday, 18 July 2015

⊂⊃ living on an island

in May I spent a few days on the Isle of Wight
with my Mother, Aunt and Cousin
we met my Uncle at Sandown
where we scattered my Nan's ashes
my family had lived on the Island for many years
this hut on the prom belonged to Harry Scovell
he would sell his catch to local fish shops
and take their scraps to bait his lobster pots
with his faithful dog Sailor
my Uncle used to help him bring in the pots
and my Mum and Aunt would scrabble in the sand
for dropped coins from the jackets that were slung on the
back of deckchairs
they would spend all day out with a sandwich
and a bottle of water with sherbet
this is where they lived ~ changed now
my Grandmother took in 'visitors' in the Summer
so the children slept in a little room downstairs 
out the back
and made themselves scarce during the day
we visited Auntie Maggie
who isn't really an Aunt but was a good friend
she chattered away telling stories
as we sipped tea
we dipped our toes in the Solent
and found hagstones 
one left on my ancestors grave
simple lives well lived
and loved 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

☀️ where the gods were

oh Kefalonia you beautiful island
                                                         blue sea  //   skies
                                                   green olives  //  canna lilies
                                             dusty hill walks   //   views
                        the smell of sage, wild thyme  //  the rustle of arondo
                                   the door to the church  //  ancient mosaics

delicious eats

and drinks!
walking past pastel homes
on our way to the Ionian Sea