Thursday 6 June 2019

*.*.* have we known each other forever?

us humans are good at recognising patterns
we make decisions about future patterns
on the bias of our previous experiences
and expected behaviour

"think of those, who not by fault of inconsistency 
but by lack of effort, 
are too unstable to live as they wish, 
but only live as they have begun" 
Seneca ~ On Tranquility of Mind
just because you have always taken one path
it doesn't have to be forever
it takes courage to do things differently 
and make a change
it can be people who effect the change
walking right in to your life
bringing back the you
you'd forgotten to be
until you travelled to a new home

"we travel because we need to
because distance and difference 
are the secret tonic of creativity
when we get home
home is still the same
but something in our mind has changed
and that changes everything"
Jonah Lehrer ~ Why We Travel