Sunday, 28 August 2011

☐☐ homeless gallery {pt 2}

a really industrial space 
in the most
elegant of buildings:
a real mix of artists work:
anna knowek ~ new british anthropology:
modern british people
like oil paintings
from a country manor:
damian chrobak ~ public transport:
people in their own worlds:
candid moments:
rich colours in square format:
anna lukala ~ high street people:
tender portraits in the shops and spots
of a seaside town:
heartwarming and bleak:
timeless landscapes in lomo colour:
tear off business card recycler:
gorgeous silver prints by Kasia Wozniak 
alan hockett ~ ethereal 'bean can' pinholes:
his work always gives me a new view
of familiar places:
b frymorgen:
images of childhood:
sensitive, textured tales:
urszula wiznerowicz ~ behind the curtain:
the chaos and effects of alcoholism 
in her hometown:

katarzyna suder:
stunning portraits of Polish miners:
dangerous and determined workers:
darren harvey-regan :
tree transparencies:
beneath my feet:
out of place:
lit by a shard of light from the 
Kursaal window:

there's lots more:
go see:
{until 4th September}

Saturday, 27 August 2011

☐☐ pogoagogo

the town near my home is twinned with
Sopot, Poland:
and a collaboration with the
an invitation to exhibit photographs in the
Homeless Gallery, at the Kursaal:
in response I walked around Southend 
and took some images of the spaces 
beneath and between:
forgotten places:
printed them straight from camera to PoGo:
put them up in the Gallery:
go see them!
it's free entry ....

.... more on the other exhibitors tomorrow ....

Monday, 15 August 2011

☯ zen and the intuitive mind

what I dream of is an art of balance:
                                                        henri matisse

Thursday, 4 August 2011

ᕭᕮ great minds think alike

I do enjoy it when
conversations overlap:
markers are placed:
the brain flags and highlights a subject:
you become receptive:

from a discussion on how we are attracted 
to others:
friendships, relationships:
a primeval thing
going back to early wo/man:
gesture, scent or behaviour:
recognising your own tribe:

then an interesting programme on
archives from the vaults of Auntie Beeb:
evidence and unpicking human nature:
debunking and rethinking:

the most exciting and thought provoking quote 
in the closing minutes from 

what governs how humans behave is an
extremely complicated mixture of our
genetically provided brains
overlain by a massive infusion of culture:
if you try to understand human psychology
and human behaviour in terms of either 
culture on it's own
or genetic evolution on it's own
you're going to fail 
because they're both there
they're both extremely important '

love the the idea of 'provided brains' set at default
then customised and personalised by culture:

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

\‖/ five a day

we've been away for most of July:
but in our absence
 the garden has been
having a right rave up:
our carrots might be weird shaped
but they taste so much better than
shop bought:
Nicola's borlotti's are soaringly high
and weighty with pods:
left to do it's thing:
we're loving our dreadlockrasta
unkempt garden:
what's growing in yours?