Monday, 26 September 2011

❤ where you live

sometimes I do art projects at my old
primary school:
last week they invited me to do something 
at a community event held there:
so I asked the children and their carers
to draw or write about where they live:
 and pin it on the big map
of where we live:
I heard some great stories:
where he learned to ride his bike:
gerbils living in a little girls bedroom:
journeys from another place to here:
little tags of personal history:

Monday, 12 September 2011

▮▯ push/pull

an invitation
find a door:
adorn it:
you think
hell yeah 
why not?
I wasn't the only one:
to brave the rain:
 then wind:
under the moon:
and drink beer:
then let them burn:
as we talked and swayed:

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

⸭ memories of harvest

it would be about this time of year
that we would help my friend
Nicola tidy her allotment:
harvesting the fruits and vegetables
she lovingly grew:
 this year we grew borlotti beans
from beans collected from there, 
last year:
continuing her green idea:
a legacy:
I love their beautiful red dappled skins:
sometimes called cranberry beans because 
of that colour:
some we will eat tonight:
a veggie version of this:
the rest we will dry for later: