Sunday, 12 February 2012

꒽꒽ lost and found

sometimes my job brings good things:
like a man who rings up and asks
if we want to buy boxes and boxes
of old medicine bottles:
dusty and dirty:
some still holding their potions
and poisons:
and a small dusty case:
with letters and papers
and boxes of vials
and ampoules with
strange chemical names
but elegant forms:
stamped envelopes
dated 9 Nov 1944
a birth!
sweet paper card, hand coloured:
{click on the images to view them larger}
from Lara and Ernest:
and a letter 
on wafer thin paper
'my darling, we were so pleased to have that news.
I had gone to post a letter to you so it wouldn't
miss the post & was I pleased, I cried.
I was so relieved to know it was over and all
was well so far, now take care & don't take
cold if you can avoid it for it's bitterly cold
very nice but so cold.
I am so glad it's a little girl be sure & tell me all about 
it when you are able, how much she weighs & is she
fair. I shall want to know it all, whether it was too bad
or was it decent.  Mrs M said last night you felt sure it 
would be Friday but somehow I didn't, as long as
all it well that's the main point.
I am so glad you are in good hands. I wonder what 
that baby at home will say & do when you go home.
I don't know whether Dick will have let Lillie know
but I have written her for fear she will like to know.
Well my darling we are very excited. Mrs Steer had
just asked me as I came in & she said I hope it 
will be here before the week-end & so it was already
here bless it.
Pop joins me in sending our love & wishes for a
very speedy recovery. Give Olive Lyra a kiss fo her
Grandpa and Nanna also a big hug & kiss for our
darling Susan, lots of love and God bless
from Mother & Dad xxxx
x Pods
        x Pods sister
two copies of Nottingham Evening Post
Monday November 13th 1944
and there among the births 
MOODY.- On November 8th, at Women's
Hospital to Dora {Margaret}{nee Clewlow}
and Dick, a sister for Susan
the Beeston Parish magazine
Feb 11 ~ Olive Myra Moody
she was taken home to 
58 Abbey Road, Beeston, Notts:
the mementoes kept but never passed on:
I wonder where she is today?

Saturday, 4 February 2012

⌠⌡ more than fabric and sequins

this week we were privileged to view
MA_12 graduate shows:
beautifully curated and created spaces
in the basement of Victoria House, Bloomsbury:
here are my highlights ....
The Last Planet ~ Venus
the idea of another world inspired
by Gustav Holst's, Planet Suite:
Dawa ~
 hand-stitched from vegetable-tanned leather:
Likoma ~
named after places on the 
these gorgeous pieces are made 
to fit to the body's contours when worn:
inspired by simple forms of grinding stones
and primitive tools:
the repetitive image
not quite as it seems at first sight:
eighty one models:
same pose precision:
by Emitis Soltani-Abbassioun:
best in show for me were 
the fantastic life sized 3d images 
Obesity & Fashion
donning our red+blue glasses
these ladies came to life!
you could almost touch that Chanel bag:
real women, real curves:
love love love them:

the whole show presented the challenges
faced within fashion:
using a wide range of technologies to 
communicate creative ideas and concepts
these students displayed their pioneering
and hand crafting skills to the max:

Thursday, 2 February 2012

⫯⫰ by hook

yesterday we visited
to see an extraordinary space
created by Olek
totally covered in crochet:
dressing table
alarm clock
rocking horse
walls and floor:
texts and emails hooked in wool:
trebles in camo:
words realised in pattern:
six months in the making:
yarn bombing extreme: