Monday, 21 January 2019

+.+.+ where is your attention?

"all of humanity's problems stem from man's
to sit quietly in a room alone"
wrote the French philosopher 
Blaise Pascal
waaaay back in the 1600's

before smartphones and internet
and all those distracting things

screens we look at when we wake
manipulated algorithms
edited social online lives

technology is an easy scapegoat
we can kid ourselves
whatever it is or isn't
have we been manipulated?
we have been robbed of our attention

I heard an interesting interview with 
Max Cooper
an electronic artist and biological scientist
mixing science with music 
he went completely offline and into isolation
for a month to record his latest album
freeing himself from interruptions

it's good to have times of disconnection
self imposed restrictions
reconnecting with the things
we enjoyed before
the dopamine surge addiction
when your phone 'pings'

regain control of your attention

Saturday, 19 January 2019

// // // // the power of outside

The Way of Filatiers
voie verte

this "Greenway" was built on the right-of-way 
of the old Lavelanet - Bram railway line 
between Lavelanet and Mirepoix 
I walk along it most mornings
above the village
past gardens
no cars
yes cyclists
mostly juste moi
along the lower path
past the chickens, guinea pigs
howling hunters dogs 
cows with their bells jangling
a timid little black cat
a curious black and white dog
first snowdrops
fields and forest to my left
the best part is my return walk
after living in the very flat county of Essex
most of my life
I've a new love
magnificent mountains 
snow topped 
village rooftops
hazy clouds
never boring

"The object of walking is to relax the mind. 
You should therefore not permit yourself even to think while you walk; 
but divert your attention by the objects surrounding you."

Jefferson wrote in
this letter to Peter Carr in 1785

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

+- retour/depart

 when you're stuck in life's inbetweens
treading water until the next page
small rituals keep you afloat

wake when it is still dark
make a cup of tea
glance at posts online
unroll your yoga mat
eat breakfast

go for a walk ....
at some point the tide will change
and I'll be swept off in a new direction